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Motivate your little reader with letters from a secret pen pal!

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It's an amazing moment when our children start reading on their own.



So, how can you kickstart your child's EXCITEMENT for READING..

icon2.png them at their own, UNIQUE reading LEVEL...

...and BEAT SCREEN time with
real-world reading - all at once?

Ozzy’s Mailbox is a game designed to motivate children to read on their own.

Through letters sent to your child, Ozzy the Dragon provides written content that inspires even the most reluctant readers 

How it works
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To begin the fun, build the magical mailbox together


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Secretly cut Ozzy’s first letter from the booklet and place it inside the magical mailbox.

What to do with Ozzy?

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Watch the magic unfold as your child reads Ozzy’s letters independently.
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Deliver new letters from Ozzy every two or three days.
Peek Inside

Peek Inside!

Inside this booklet, there are 25 letters and funny phonics sheets from Ozzy—a little dragon from a fantasy world called Dragonland. Right now his words are only pages
in a booklet, but with your help, they’ll inspire your child’s imagination and show him or her
the magic of reading.
Special Ozzy

Why ozzy's so special

Transforms daily reading practice
from WORK to FUN
So fun, it DOESN’T EVEN FEEL LIKE TEACHING (but you are!)
NOT just a book! This INTERACTIVE GAME offers playing/reading for MONTHS
EASY READING with short exciting stories, logic riddles, art projects and even recipes 
Designed by a team of educators at the PERFECT READING LEVEL for newly independent readers 
A UNIQUE style of game that BRIDGES THE GAP between interactivity and real-world reading
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About Us

Who Are We?

Green Tail Publishing is a highly-educated group of practiced teachers, content editors, language specialists, graphic designers, market analysts, web programmers & computer geeks. Each of our members possesses a genuine passion for the future of education and promotion of reading excellence for today's generation - and generations to come.

Our Mission

Our team is devoted to helping parents guide their children onto the path of reading success by imparting a deep love for real-world reading with the superpower of their child's imagination and the excitement of interactivity. We also aim to provide a solution that competes against unhealthy screen time with an enticing, healthy regimen of daily-reading practice.

Our Reason

We met with many well-educated parents who understood the importance of reading in early child development and its correlation to their children's future success. The problem? They were struggling to compete with screen-time and spark a natural interest for reading in their children. With those parents and children in mind, Green Tail Publishing created the solution.

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